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Take a Breather
Wolf-Heidegger's Atlas of Human Anatomy

Take a breather...

...and puzzle your brain over one of these for a while: Anatomical Puzzles

Beginners' level: 3 x 3 parts
Intermediate level: 4 x 4 parts
Advanced level: 5 x 5 parts and 3 x 7 parts
Professional level: 6 x 6 parts

This is how it works: Puzzle parts bordering on the gap move into the gap when you click on them (see animation). Your goal is to put all parts into their correct position so that they form a picture. If you want to see the result, click on "preview". If you manoeuver yourself into a hopeless situation press "New game" to save yourself...!

...or jog your brains with these Memo games: Try the small one for practice or go straight for the big game.

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